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GTSE provide durable and cost-effective products, making it the final destination for home and workplace solutions, accessories and tools.

The Challenge

Increasing competition on Amazon was driving up CPCs whilst higher fees and a race to the bottom in terms of pricing was hurting margin. GTSE needed a partner to help drive growth from the platform whilst maintaining margin.


Alongside this, GTSE needed to diversify their activity to increase traffic and sales from their own site. Here they were able to protect margin with lower distribution costs as well as owning their customer data to drive lifetime value.

Bricks and Mortar

The Solution

- Campaigns restructured and bids calculated to work towards margin-based targets in order to focus on profit rather than COS

- Detailed reporting and ongoing analysis provided to understand the impact on organic sales as a result of acquiring Bestseller and Amazon Choice badges

- Paid Search activity greatly expanded across Google and Bing

- Display, Discovery and Performance Max campaigns utilised to drive awareness, traffic and sales throughout the funnel alongside existing search activity

- Detailed analysis into seasonal, daily and hourly performance trends in order to optimise bids accordingly across all platforms

The Results




Increase in Paid Search Sales

Increase in Amazon Sales

Increase in Overall Revenue

Pointer Digital did an incredible job of managing our Google AdWords and Amazon Advertising accounts. Making sure we were at the forefront of the platforms capabilities while making sure the campaigns were profitable yet still providing solid growth.


A standout piece of analysis that was completed reviewed the different markets we advertise in over the Christmas holidays and identified what bid changes needed to be made to maintain profitability in a key season.

Tom Armenante, Ecommerce Director

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